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Moms and Tots

Free education for Moms, free lunch and care for their children, from newborn - to 4 or 5 years of age in our Kindergarten Readiness Program.

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Moms and Tots

In operation for over 25 years, the Moms and Tots program is available to all women and their children. From October to April each year, this program allows women to further their education. Women can learn to speak, read, and write English. For those who know the language and wish to further their skills, they can work on high school credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma through the Grand Erie Learning Alternatives program.

With many contributions from our community partnerships, the Moms & Tots Program has worked with over 500 women and achieved the following:

- Improved English Skills, including 66 High School Graduates! 

- Information regarding Health, Nutrition, & Mental Wellness

- Parenting information (child safety & development, self-esteem, discipline, mental wellbeing) 

- Increased confidence in daily life skills (shopping, banking, sewing, computer skills)

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